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Jump Start - Roadside Assistance

Jump Starts

Our experienced technicians are equipped with top grade cables to jump start your car. Before we proceed with the task, we will check your car battery. After the jump start is complete, we will examine the car battery charging. Contact the professionals to jump start your car and not do it yourself risking injury. We have the right equipment and to do the job for you, which also can protect the car batteries and ensure that your car will not be damaged. Furthermore, when the car starts, there is high electric current flow which can cause injury. Let our experts fix the issue for you so that you can be on the road without suffering any damage or injury.

Roadside Assistance

Flat Tire Change

Flat tire can occur any time. Sometimes when driving along the road there are tiny objects on the such as glass shards or sharp nails which can puncture the tires. If your car tire is punctured, try to pull over at a safe spot and call for tire repair or replacement service. We are available 24/7 to provide tire change services. If you have spare tire but do not have the tools or do not know how to fix it, you can also call us for help.

Roadside Assistance

Car Lockouts

To be locked out your own car is an embarrassing experience. However, more than hundreds of motorists do get accidentally locked out their own vehicle each year. As cars are more sophisticated these days with keyless ignition and anti-theft systems, it can be difficult when you lose your car keys. Our team uses the latest sophisticated tools to allow themselves to perform professionally lock pick or key programming on cars of various makes and models. Let our technicians assist you in a car lockout situation in the safest way without damaging your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

Gas Delivery

Sometimes when you are busy, you may forget about refilling up your gas tank. It is only when you look at the fuel gauge then you realize the gas is running out. Running out of gas may cause damage to your vehicle fuel pump. In case you find no gas stations near, you can contact us for help. We provide fast response to your fuel shortage issues. Whether you ran out of gas or your fuel gauge is not working, we can help you out. We are available 24-hour daily, so if you happen to run out of gas late at night, we can still reach you and assist you. You can choose to refill your gas tank fully or partially. Inglewood Towing is ready and standing by to provide 24-hour roadside assistance