Inglewood Towing

Inglewood Towing has been the top tow truck driver provider in all of the city. If you’re experiencing car trouble, or even truck trouble, and you’re in Inglewood, do you know who to call?  Looking for professional tow truck services? We’re reliable, affordable and local so if you’re in need of quick top services in Inglewood, we’re definitely the ones to call. For over 25 years, professionally developed Inglewood Towing has been providing tow truck and roadside assistance services to all of our friends and neighbors in the city of Inglewood.  Call us today at (310) 513-5358 for more information regarding the following and all other services.

Inglewood Towing Services

Inglewood Towing

Services that Inglewood Towing has been providing to it’s consumer base is primarily related to those of towing and roadside.  Services that are commonly requested include light, medium, and heavy duty towing services, as well as a wide variety of roadside services.  These include unlocking a car lockout, replacing the a flat tire change, dead battery jump starts, as well as gas deliveries and battery replacements. If you’re in need of these and other requests, give us a call today and we’ll see to it that you’re catered.

Other Services Available to You!

  • Winch-outs

Winch-outs are services that require us to be able to maneuver your vehicle when your vehicle doesn’t permit.  We use our heavy duty winch systems and we attach it to your vehicle.  Then, if your vehicle was in a ditch, stuck on a curb, stuck in sand or mud or turned over, we will be able to move it back on solid road and have you continue on your way.  That’s the power of Inglewood Towing.

  • Flatbed Towing

Do you have a a very expensive car you love? Don’t ask for a wheel lift tow truck! Request a flatbed! Why? Our flatbeds are made to protect you and protect your vehicle, no matter how expensive it is. We have a large variety of flatbed tow trucks. Call us for one that fits your needs today!

  • Dollies

Dollies aren’t a tool that most layman are familiar with. When your vehicle is stranding you and your car is a beautiful one, and it’s in an underground parking lot, (or a situation similar), you’re going to need dollies and wheel lift to complete your tow. It’s not difficult because the Inglewood Towing Drivers are here to guarantee that nothing happens to your vehicle, well nothing more than what has already happened.

Call (310) 513-5358 today for Inglewood Towing

Give us a call today at (310) 513-5358 and you’ll hear from the wonderful staff that is Inglewood Towing.  We can travel outside the city and even provide to our friend in Lawndale Towing services if they need. We’re right next door! Taught to cater and succeed, we are here and we welcome you to be our next customer.

Inglewood Towing Services