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Importance of Safety Equipment During Towing

The importance of safety cannot be undermined during a towing or recovery process. Tow truck drivers or technicians need to be prepared for different situations and challenges in order to carry out the tasks safely and smoothly.

Cable and Tow Truck Inspections

Tow truck drivers need to go through a checklist and inspect different parts of their cables and tow trucks to ensure safety. The batteries need to be at full charge to prevent break downs. The cables must be examined to detect any excessive wear and replaced if not suitable for use. The winch system, emergency lights and headlights must be functioning well without mechanical errors.

Safety Gear

It is required by law for tow truck drivers to wear reflective vest when working on federal highways. They are also advised to wear reflective helmets for more protection. As they will be using wires, chains or cables during work, they are also required to wear gloves and boots to protect themselves from injuries.

Knowledge of Their Equipment

The drivers must have full knowledge of the capabilities of their trucks, as well as their equipment. The tow trucks have specific gross vehicle weight ratings which must be complied to ensure safety of the towed vehicle. Light duty trucks have the capacity to carry up to 10,000 pounds, medium duty trucks can carry up to 26,000 pounds and heavy duty trucks can carry over 26,000 pounds.

Loading Procedures

When the tow truck drivers arrive at the scene, the first thing they have to do is to set up safe perimeter around the loading zone with reflective cones, flares and emergency lights flashing to warn the motorists and drivers nearby. When loading the vehicle, tow truck drivers should ensure the loaded vehicle is tightly secured; if a flatbed tow truck is used, the towed vehicle need to be placed at the center of the ramp or platform. The safety procedures during pulling or winching the vehicle must be observed. When the vehicle is loaded, the wheels must be tied and secured to prevent swaying or moving during transportation.

Tow truck drivers have responsibility in ensuring the towed vehicles and their owners to reach their destinations safely. At the same time, they need to protect themselves from the traffic during their operations. They need to be fully equipped with the recommended gears to protect themselves during work.

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